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Terms and Conditions

Must read info before your treatment


Unfortunately deposits are non refundable. This is because products have to be ordered in preparation for your appointment and failure to attend an appointment costs money. However you can reschedule your appointment with a minimum of 72 hours notice.

Becca is unfortunately under no circumstances able to treat:

  • Anyone under the age of 18 (please don't be offended if ID is asked for)

  • Pregnant of breastfeeding women

  • Anyone with an active cold sore or anyone who has had a cold sore within the previous 6 weeks (this applies to patients attending for lip fillers only)

  • Anyone with a transmittable blood infection

  • Anyone undergoing or undergone recent chemotherapy or radiotherapy

  • Please make sure you have child care arranged as it is unsafe and a sterile area needs to be maintained. It is not an appropriate setting for a child.

  • Please note photographs will be taken before and after treatments for insurance purposes. these will be kept in your medical records, if you do not want your photographs used on social media or for other promotional purposes please make Becca aware.

Before making the decision of receiving lip fillers it is so important to understand the need for extra appointments in terms of achieving the desired end result and for maintenance. To get the best results lips need to be built up gradually over time. If your lips are naturally thin and you want to achieve a fuller look, you will probably need a few sessions. This is also the safest way enhancement and will allow for them to retain a natural look. Immediately after having fillers injected a large part of the result is the initial swelling. Once this subsides you may then need to return for further appointments to top up until you have reached your desired goal. This will be charged at the normal rate so this is something worth bearing in mind. During your initial consultation  we can discuss your desired goals and then develop a treatment and maintenance plan that is individual to you so you can walk away with the most perfect naturally enhanced lips.

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